Thursday, 25 April 2013

April news + photos

Here is the news from Elder P! We got him to answer a couple of questions for us.

On the weather- "the rain is about to kick in, we've had it three times in
the last 2 weeks, but really this month before the rainy season is the
hottest of all actually, the most humid too.. we're preparing for and
excited for when it really willl hit! Global warming is everywhere
though and so we're wondering if it'll actually be on/off all
throughout the rainy season.. normally it's just solid rain..."

Is he sunburnt? "My skin is totally used to whatever
sun we get and so I havenm't used any suncream for forever - I don't
get burnt at all, although when I wear shorts for sport/service I
apply a bit always on the legs! Everything else is pretty much immune!"

Malaria- "Has anyone caught malaria? ... many have and many will and maybe I
have... actually, I haven't, but yep, lots of missionaries have.. Elders
Skouson, Harris and Andersen to name but a few... but malaria's not
like we think at home... it's a killer if you don't get meds, EVERYONE
here's able to get meds when you get it, but basically each time you
get it, your blood thickens a bit and so once you have it maybe 30 or
40 times, even if taking meds, then it'll kill you... So don't worry
about it =D Hahah worry more about typhoid! BUT! I always use my
bottle and so I'll never get it, besides I got the jab for it anyway,
so no worries =D"

Story from this week- "Something which my companion and I have always felt quite
strongly about is offering kneeling prayers at the close of lessons
and we felt that the Lord desired us to set this as a goal for the area. We
re-committed the junior companions to take the lead the following day
in inviting to have kneeling prayers, in every lesson. It was so
wonderful the following evening to hear Elder Smith, currently being
trained, bear testimony of how he felt that it had been the best day
of his mission so far after they'd knelt in all of their lessons. The
other companionships had done the same; this again just really
strengthened my testimony of the fundamentals and of the need to go
The extra mile and do all that we can to allow our investigators to
have a spiritual experience in every lesson. I'm so excited by every
day, the future for our investigators and the future for Liberia!"

Ed is now approaching the half way point on his mission. The year mark is on 4th May! It is whizzing by.

And a few photos: