Monday, 16 September 2013

What is Elder P doing now?!

Really sorry for neglecting the blog for so I long,  it isn't because he's not out there! ! Elder Pentreath is as busy as ever and working hard in Liberia.  Last month he was assigned to be 'AP'- the assistant to the mission president,  this is pretty big news, and his role as a missionary is now a little bit different.  More admin and looking after and training other missionaries but still some teaching and helping local people every day. This is what he said when he was asked to be ap:

"President Kirkham surprised us all on Thursday by calling me and asking me to be his assistant.. I almost passed out! I now live in the mission office with a washing machine and with a to do list which is coming out of my ears and I've only been here for 4 hours! We'll only be teaching 7-10 lessons a week, which is just crazy and will be in the office until 3pm each day more or less. I'm super excited to be here and will learn so much I know, but I am also super nervous. We have 80 missionaries in the mission, with another 11 coming on Thursday which we'll go and pick up and then orientate. I've really spent a long time on my knees these past few days."

Apparently his apartment is quite nice now, when we get a picture from him I will post it on the blog!