Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Email from Elder P, 24th Sept 2012

Lots of teaching as usual this week, and the weather out there seems to be clearing up! (Reaching the end of the rainy season maybe?)

"Well, this week has admittedly been pretty difficult! I’ve been really unwell with a blood problem (not going to say much more than that, BUT it's gradually getting better - which is great, because if it does deteriorate (which it doesn't look like it will now) I'll have to go under the knife in a dirty horrible hospital out here =S =P) which has meant that I’ve been told to be immobile and had to stay at the apartment on Friday and Saturday as a result of the issue"

He then gave us a little list of ideas for Christmas presents! (We asked, since it often takes two months for things to reach him!!) but this was near the top of the list:

"Nice shampoo..?! I haven't washed my hair for 4 months and you can buy shampoo out here, but it's really expensive, sooo I'd never treat myself to it, so again, of course not a need, but would be a nice treat..?! =)"

Other news this week:

"Yesterday it was Elder Kouao's b'day and so I bought him a fudge brownie 'betty crocker' mix for lots of money (he's definitely worth it, the guy's one of my life long heroes!) and we cooked it in the gas oven in a broken frying pan (no handle) and subsequently burnt half and din't cook the other half (centre =P) - oopsie! Raw brownie mix is wonderful as well though, so oh well!!" 

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