Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Email home, Mon 3rd Dec

Hello, for avid followers of Elder Pentreath here is a good story from this weeks email, and then a few photos of him! He's looking very well :)

"What a crazy day Saturday was!! Nelson was baptise which was just LOVELY - Nelson is such a hero! He's got to be the best guy I've taught on my mission - just so wonderful ! Then after the baptism, we took a bike back and realised something was wrong with the lock so we were locked out! And then we got a call to say that a couple of missionaries had been in a bike accident and Elder Kouao had broken his finger... he came back, I strapped it up for him to wait for the lock man and stayed with him because Elder K. was feeling really rough. We waited downstairs in Mohammed's shop because we couldn't get in upstairs and because he has air-con downstairs. Elder K. napped and I said to Mo, "Sooo, I can't just sit around and do nothing, I feel so lazy, so please give me a job to do" - they'd just got new shelves and everything was tip. He protested, but I convinced him that I was being serous and so for 3-4 hours I stocked the shelves. I've gone into the shop everyday for 6 months and so know exactly where everything's supposed to be, so I got a price tag gun and did 2 or 3 aisles - it was great!! Really strengthened the relationship between the shop and our church and was just service in the community and honestly was really fun for a few hours. Finally the guy came and fixed our lock and everything's back to normal! =) Had a really lovely experience and everyone was very impressed that a white man was willing to work on the shop floor with lots of black people - which is sad that people were impressed by that, but was a sweet experience nonetheless! =D Never know, Mo might start giving me discounts, but I doubt it! =D"

Ed also talked a lot about the other missionaries he works with this week, they sound like amazing boys/men! It's good to know he is in such great company.

Photos taken by the wife of the Mission President recently at a missionary training conference:

Elder Kuaoa gets post!

Hooray! Elder P has been excited about this for months!

Elder Pentreath with the other nearby missionaries at training

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