Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Ed's Missionary Christmas 2012

Hello all, we thought you might like to hear a bit about how Ed spent his first Christmas as a missionary. He phoned home to speak to the family for an hour. Here are some of the things he told us:

- On Christmas Eve (while we were watching 'Carols from Kings' on the TV) he was hauling water and pumping it through a filter, sweating crazily.

- On Christmas Day the six missionaries in the apartment went to a 'real restaurant' with air conditioning. They had burger, chips and salad and he actually said he felt really cold in the restaurant, because he's got so used to the heat! He said it was bizarre when they left the restaurant, and he realised he was still in Liberia when the heat hit him! The exchanged gifts with each other in the apartment, and when he spoke to us on the phone he just sounded he just sounded so happy, but had an AFRICAN ACCENT, which made us all laugh. Basically he spoke with each word detached, and in a more basic way, although he sped up and sounded more English as the phone call went on! He was really shocked when we said he sounded different.

- He made us laugh when he told us he is seriously considering not getting a washing machine in later life... he's obviously got used to 8 months of hand washing and his fellow missionaries have helped him make things really clean! He said he can't imagine not sweating all day, every day- it seems impossible to him. We told him that Granddad was listening with a blanket over his legs which he found a shocking thought :)

- He told us that they cook communally in the apartment and they eat two meals a day: rice and beans for breakfast, and rice and beans for tea! Scrum.

- Recently Ed's brother Harry got his haircut and emailed Ed about it, and how it cost £10... Ed's reply: "Today I'll get our lovely Ghanaian guy to cut my hair and give me a shave.. it'll cost me 50 Liberian Dollars... about 53p.. =D =D =D"

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