Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Ed talks like an African!

In his email this week, Elder P typed up a phone conversation that he had with a man called Junior that made me laugh:

Me: Hello, this Elder Palmtree, missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints
Jnr: Yea, this is Jnr., who's this?
Me: This Elder Palmtree, I'm a missionary, how are you doing Jnr?
Jnr: Oh, I'm doing fine. Is Kennedy there?
Me: Who?
Jnr: Kennedy?
Me: No, that not Kennedy, this is the missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS, I think that you've got the wrong number.
Jnr: For true?
Me: For true, that Elder Palmtree here-oh, sorry, I think the number it wrong.
Jnr: Aren't you a human? I'm a human and so are you, so that means that it can't ever be the wrong number, so, now we can meet, my name's Jnr, I live in Sinoe, so what do church are you a missionary for Elder Palmtree?
Me: The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints, for us we working Iron-Gate, aint you know in town? That where we working, when you come in town you mu come to the church, yea?
Jnr: Ok, I will come, I'll call you tomorrow, yea?
Me: Ok Jnr, thank you for calling.

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