Monday, 11 June 2012

Email from Ed, 11th June 2012

A couple of bits from another happy email from Elder Pentreath:

"I actually love Elder Esiaba! This past week we've really grown close as friends. My favourite thing about him is probably how much he says 'wonderful' with his super cheesy grin at whatever anybody says. He's such a great teacher and just such a diligent missionary. I'm so pleased that he's my trainer!"

"I'm starting to get tired of callings of 'white-man hello' and 'chinese-man!' all day everyday. Pres Roggia said that we'd shake about 30,000 hands on a mission - I reckon I've already done twice my allotted 30,00 just from all of the kids wanting to touch me.  Bless 'em :)"

"I love the work, but really miss you all!! It's so so soooo nice to read all of your e-mails and I'm so thankful for those!!

Fab. Hint, hint: more emails/letters please! :)

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