Thursday, 28 June 2012

Tidbits from email (25th June '12)

On water: "We have water in a big tank, but not enough and so often have to draw water! =) So absolutely always cold. We have half a bucket each a day and we use a cup as a shower"

A couple of weeks ago, on wash day: "Washing by hand is OK, just takes ages!"  This week: "I'm most definitely getting better at washing!! So much faster and all my clothes are actually clean once I've washed, so I must be doing something right!!" Phew.
On teaching people about the church: "About a week ago we walked past (a lady) and I kept getting prompted to turn back; so we did. In our lesson today she told us that she'd been praying and looking for a church to attend. Vivien is married (unheard of here!) and has 3 daughters, what a blessing to have found her family! What she shared really was a testimony to me that as missionaries we're just instruments in the Lord's hands and that the spirit is working much harder than us at preparing people to hear our message"

When asked what the area his was living in was like: "We're staying pretty much in a city, but a city here being lots of people close together, not necessarily real buildings..?! Our area is totally sandy, it's one giant beach which 'houses' erected on it. Some of the guys have jobs, but many households don't have guys living there, so women cook and sell their wares on their heads as they walk around"

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  1. Wow. Is there anything we can package up and send to help with basic living conditions for you/the local people? ..what do you think you/they could really do with most of all, apart from the gospel of course!