Thursday, 24 May 2012

Elder Pentreath arrives in Liberia

Sorry for the delay in posting what is going on with Elder Pentreath. Here is an update-

1. In the missionary training centre his companion, Elder Oni got a fever so they couldn't have the air con on... which meant that Elder Pentreath felt like he had a fever :)

2. He had his birthday - 19!! - The chefs were really lovely and gave them some kind of marshmallow/ice cream thing. He said it was delicious.

3. Every night he sleeps on the floor, straight on the tiles. Apparently it's bearable because it's so much cooler (apart from the first night when he slept in the bed... and got bitten alive. Poor boy)

4. He saw a massively huge lizard a bit like a crocodile, 3 feet long and apparently it was a baby!

5. He got to phone home last Sunday because it was American Mother's day!  He said it was great, but after he got off the phone it was really sad, and dinner was quite a quiet affair :'(

6. He got to be there when Elder Oni went to the Temple for the first time, and he said it was a really special day. There is a Temple in Accra.

7. Usually they do exercise every day... but one day last week it was off because on the field there was a poisonous snake and an alligator. "Crazy stuff!"

So there ends his training centre experience (in all of the above stories he has hours and hours of training and practise in a classroom)

It is official, Elder Pentreath has now finished his couple of weeks of training in Ghana and he arrived in Liberia to begin his missionary work on Tuesday. Here is some photographic evidence of him with the other six new misisonaries arriving with him:

He met his Mission President (there is a couple who are responsible for the missionaries in a region) who gave him an interview, some pizza, a net, doxy (medicine to prepare your tummy for different foods?? Not sure about that one) and a pillow... then off to his first 'area'- a town where he will be doing missionary service. Apparantly one of the other missionaries speaks no English, only French! Amazing.

So all well, will update again, and make it more regular from now on :)


  1. Great Blog, looking forward to reading regularly... thanks. Eddy's going to be amazing!

  2. Sounds great, eagerly awaiting the next installment! Remember God is with you always :)