Tuesday, 29 May 2012

IMPORTANT: A message from Abby (Ed's sister)

Hello all,

Thanks v v much for all your comments and concerns about Elder Pentreath, and offers to send him things, I know he will really appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Here are some suggestions about packages for Ed if you send him anything:

- Make sure nothing looks new (i.e. remove them from any packaging)
- Don't send anything that will melt!! (just too hot out there so British chocolate is off)
- Send packages via DHL if possible- apparently they are most reliable and safest
- Sellotape a photocopy of a picture of Jesus to the package outside... to deter thieves :)
- Declare that it has no value!!!

Many, many thanks for all your help and love for him.


P.S. Write more letters!!! :)

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