Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Email from Elder Pentreath, 28th May 2012

My mission is HARD!! =O It's much hotter here than in the MTC! Much hotter.. We don't have electricity, water (at all, our supply ran out 3 days ago!) and so no opportunity to shower =) I so so hope I adapt! Unfortunately the mosquito net I was given not only has holes in it, but the normal standard holes are much bigger than my companion's..?! We genuinely believe that the mosquitos can just get in anyway. I take my doxy every day, but have received about 40/50 bites.

This place is just like nothing you've ever imagined! Our normal mode of transport is on the back of a motorbike or 8 people in a 5 seater taxi. The food we eat isn't a problem, but that's only because we don't eat any food..?! Noone's able to have 3 meals a day cos we have to spend so much on transport! =) We're not allowed to have dinner appointments at all, because we'll get sick everytime. =) Mission rule ;-) Soo you know the Comic Relief videos.. My whole area (my companion and I actually cover 2 areas) is EXACTLY like that. EXACTLY. I feel awkward and embarrased to walk through it. =(

My companion is called Elder Esiaba, from Nigeria. He's a great guy and has taught me much. He's from a family of 8 and has been out for a year this week, very humble and everyone's favourite companion. =) The works' going very well! We have 46 investigators with baptismal dates in the next 2 weeks and about 60 investigators in total. It's such a shame though 'cos we're simply not able to see them all. At all. =( We attended church twice yesterday (for the NEW Kru Town Branch and then the Point Four Branch). It was very interesting! We then had a few interviews with the District Leader for baptisms out in the heat. Came home and am sick sick sick. I've slept solidly for 24 hours pretty much, my head is absolutely pounding and I'm bathed in sweat. =) Please pray for me guys =) Love and miss you all so much. =) It's so so nice to hear from you =)

Because I'll be at the same place in Liberia for 3 months at least, send letters straight there! =) They'll arrive in 10-14 days apparently! =) The address is:

Elder Pentreath
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Capital Bye-Pass
Horton Avenue
PO Box 1905
1000 Monrovia
10 Liberia

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  1. ok, I'm sending this poor boy a package tomorrow. Sounds like the refiners fire to me!!!