Monday, 7 May 2012

News from Elder Pentreath

So you'll be pleased to know that Elder Pentreath has made it safely to Accra, Ghana, and he is now being trained there to be a missionary! Ghana is the newest of the 17 Missionary Training Centres worldwide (others are in Preston England, Sao Paolo Brazil, Tokyo Japan, Bogota Colombia...)

Every missionary is assigned a companion- basically another missionary to be with at all times- and he has been paired with Elder Oni for these next couple of weeks while he is being trained. Ed says Elder Oni is great and comes from Lagos, Nigeria and will also be a missionary in Sierra Leone (there are other missionaries being trained in Ghana that are going elsewhere) and Ed is excited that this week he will be able to go to the nearby Temple as well as learn more about being a missionary, and background on the countries where he will be going.

In other news, he got split up with one of his bags at the airport!!! That was a bit of an adventure with Mum and Dad desperately phoning the training centre and airport (talking to a Ghanaian called Moses, cool!) but I think both he and his bag have been reunited now. Here is a bit of an email he sent home on Saturday morning to let us know he is safe and arrived:

"It's super super hot here.. Reaaally sticky! Unfortunately I only have one shirt as well. =P Very excited for the Missionary Training Centre, we have a rigorous schedule, which is great, but I know I'll sleep well tonight! Despite the heat I slept well yesterday too! The middle of the night is kinda nice-ish in terms of temperature"

So all well so far. More to report later in the week when we hope to hear from him again. In the meantime, WRITE TO HIM to say hello!!! :) at (select Sierra Leone Freetown Mission)

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