Thursday, 3 May 2012

Leaving tomorrow!

So Elder Pentreath leaves tomorrow and the blogging baton has been passed to me (his oldest sister Abby: hello!) Above is a shot of him and five friends who are all going to be missionaries starting in the next couple of months:

Elliot West- Lisbon Portugal
Haydn Hewitt- Toronto Canada 
Edward Pentreath- Freetown Sierra Leone
Gonçalo Esteves- Leeds England
Robin Guy- Melbourne
Tiago Pereira- Manchester England

Just a reminder that you can write to Ed for FREE via this website: Just select 'Sierra Leone Freetown Mission' from the 'Select Mission' dropdown menu and off you go. I know he would really appreciate your love, support and updates about your life back home :)

... Next post will be from him out in Ghana (he will be trained to be a missionary there for a couple of weeks before he gets sent to his first town) Watch this space...

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  1. What a wonderful idea this is for now and for the future! Good luck Elder Pentreath. You will be a fabulous missionary. We are so glad that you and Elliot have shared so many good times as you have both prepared to enter the mission field. All the very best for the next 2 years. x